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Wenatchee Valley Interfaith Climate Group

When I heard there was a group in Wenatchee of people from a variety of religious backgrounds getting together based on their shared concern for climate change, I thought HOW COOL. The people of this community continue to surprise me. There are many people here who are passionate about this issue and are doing something about it. This group has the unique view of looking at this problem from a spiritual lens.

Read below from one of the group's founders, Susan Evans, about what the group is about. Then check out the "Care of Creation" letter they've sent to the pastors of our community, along with some resources. - Jana


By Susan Evans

What helps when you wake up in the night worrying about climate change?  Getting together with other people who also worry and wonder.  That's what works for me anyway, and the interfaith climate group helps a lot.  Climate change challenges us in every way and perhaps most of all, spiritually.  What is a spiritual life in light of climate change?  It is a comfort  to listen and share too as Christians, Buddhists, Pantheists, and yes, Atheists struggle to find guidance and a good path forward.  We meet once a month currently at my home but soon we will need a larger space.  We pray together, and save time for some personal sharing.  But the group also acts.  We sponsored a 'Gratitude for our Water' gathering at the confluence of the Wenatchee and the Columbia Rivers last Earth Day. Currently are asking pastors, in person and by letter,  if they have ever given a sermon on climate change (see below). We have also supported direct actions by indigenous people who stand in the way of new pipelines, explored carbon offset effectiveness, celebrated our beautiful renewable hydro energy and electrified bus system LINK, participated in the NCW EcoChallenge and more.  No surprise we have found companions; turns out almost every faith/religion all over the world has a group working on climate change if you just look for it. 

And on this one year anniversary of Sustainable Wenatchee we celebrate too!

Next meeting Wenatchee Valley Interfaith Climate Group, November 28, 2018, 1 pm.  1101 Appleland Drive, Wenatchee.

Gratitude for Our Water event held at the confluence of the Columbia & Wenatchee rivers on Earth Day, 2018


Wenatchee Valley Interfaith Climate Group

October 24, 2018

Dear Pastors, church leaders, and members,

The Wenatchee Valley Interfaith Climate Group is comprised of people from a variety of faith traditions with a common calling — to care for creation. God calls us to be stewards of his gift of creation. Climate change underlines the urgency of this call. The future of our children, our grandchildren for many generations, the peoples of the earth and all living creatures is at risk. The poor and vulnerable of our planet are being hurt most by climate change. And increasingly, people everywhere are being affected as we are in North Central WA with wildfires and smoke and rising temperatures. The Bible is clear that we are to be good stewards of the earth, and we are missing the mark.

Climate change is one of the most important issues we face today. There are changes in climate that are beyond our control, but human caused climate change is something we can affect. As people of faith we need to work together in prayer, preaching, study and discerning how the Spirit is leading us in the care of creation.

Attached is a selection of faith based resources for you, your church and its members. These resources can help us better understand what we can do in our local churches to reduce human caused climate change.

Please come together in your church to study this issue and ask “What is God calling us to do?” Prayerfully consider how you can help those most hurt by climate change at this time.

Please take action, become part of a faith based climate change network in your church, denomination or community. It is likely that your own denomination has access to many helpful resources.

The Wenatchee Valley Interfaith Climate group meets monthly. For more information or to discuss creation care contact Joseph Roy, ThM, PhD ( or Irene Morrow, ARNP (

May you go with God.

Joseph Roy & Irene Morrow

Wenatchee Valley Interfaith Climate Group


Resources from the Wenatchee Valley Interfaith Climate Group

The list of web sites below offers access to interfaith/ inter-spiritual creation care resources from various points of view. These resources can increase our understanding of creation care, increase our ability to discuss these topics with others, and provide numerous practical tools and actions for care of the earth. As you work with these web sites you will find other resources that are helpful. Please share with our group what you discover that may help others. May God bless your stewardship of creation.

Answering Christ’s call to love our neighbors

Three comprehensive resources

Mennonite creation care network

Interfaith response to global warming

Interfaith creation care links

Empowering faith leaders and others to care for the Earth

Tools for the care of creation

Transforms faith into action for wellbeing of communities and creation

Dr. Katherine Hayhoe, Climate scientist Univ. of Texas and evangelical Christian. Author: A Climate for Change: Global Warming Facts for Faith Based Christians.

The Green Bible. 2008. NRSV. Harper One Press.

The Green Bible encourages seeing God’s vision for creation.

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