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Spotlight on Cascade Autocenter, our Earth Day Fair Grove Sponsor

Updated: Apr 2

Cascade Autocenter, home to Subaru, Chevrolet and used car sales, has generously agreed to be the Grove Sponsor of our 2024 Earth Day Fair. Like a grove of thriving trees, Cascade Autocenter enables a thriving community in North Central Washington, by embodying their company values and by supporting SNCW and countless other nonprofit organizations, year after year.

Cascade Autocenter has a history of serving the Wenatchee Valley for almost a century. The Baldock family, including current president Steve and his son, Jordan, current general manager, has been involved since 1980. To describe their philosophical framework, Steve developed the “Cascade Triangle,” prioritizing: 1. the long-term health and survival of the dealership; 2. the welfare of the employees; and 3. the complete satisfaction of the customers. In terms of the customer, it can be put another way, “Do what makes the customer happy.”

A few of Cascade Autocenter's many local awards

This resonates with us at SNCW, as sustainability must also have economic and social dimensions.

Cascade Autocenter has a broad perspective and sees the greater community reflected in each of their customers, and this is connected to their commitment to donate 5% to philanthropic efforts every year. Beyond sponsoring SNCW’s Earth Day Fair, Cascade Autocenter has generously donated to Wenatchee Humane Society, Wenatchee Valley YMCA, Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center, Chelan Douglas CASA, and Sage Advocacy Center, among others.

Jordan explained that they are adopting sustainable business practices whenever possible. Some recent upgrades include an LED retrofit of all lighting for the win/win of improved energy efficiency and lower costs, and adding occupancy sensors that turn off lights automatically. Jordan hopes that they’ll have water recycling installed in their detailing department soon.

Cascade Autocenter is adapting to changing customer preferences with hybrid and EV options, and Jordan expects they’ll eventually have an EV alternative for every model. At our Earth Day Fair on April 13th at Pybus, look for an all-electric Subaru Solterra on display thanks to Cascade Autocenter.

SNCW is grateful for the support of Cascade Autocenter and all of our other sponsors who help make this event of over 50 educational and sustainable product booths, music, zero waste food vendors and more accessible to all who can attend!

Subaru Solterra

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