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E-cycling at the Earth Day Fair

Computer & Small Device Recycling & Education

SNCW is partnering with Wenatchee Computer and Wenatchee Confluence Rotary to bring a pilot e-waste recycling and education booth to our Earth Day Fair. We are excited for this committed partnership and expertise to help our community learn more about how to dispose of old devices safely and in a way that nonrenewable resources can be extracted and reused from these devices. This represents just one link in the chain of sustainable practices that must be incorporated into the electronics industry, but it's an important one.

In addition to bringing computers and small devices for recycling, bring your tech questions! We will have an expert on hand to help alleviate your worries and fears and help you feel good about recycling unneeded electronics.

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More Details

For the items brought to our Earth Day Fair, we will be bringing them to Goodwill, which is a certified E-Cycle Washington depot. From there, these items will be shipped to a certified E-Cycle Washington processor.

E-Cycle Washington is a program that began in 2009. The Washington Materials Management & Financing Authority (WMMFA) is the manufacturer-funded group leading this effort. WMMFA has contracted with collectors around the state, making e-cycling convenient and easy. You can be assured that items taken to authorized collectors are handled safely and responsibly according to preferred management standards set by WMMFA and the State Department of Ecology.

If you are concerned and would like complete data destruction while still allowing your old device to be recycled or refurbished, Wenatchee Computer has that capability and is asking for a reduced fee for service of $10 per device.

E-cycling includes sorting, dismantling, mechanically separating and recovering valuable materials. E-cycling can minimize the amount of materials that are disposed of in a landfill. Nonrenewable resources such as iron, gold, aluminum, platinum, lithium and copper can be extracted from electronics for reuse, thus reducing the demand for extractive industries that have a high energy demand, pollute the environment, produce greenhouse gasses and deplete natural resources.

If you are concerned about data - either retrieval or destruction - we recommend you utilize the services of professionals such as Wenatchee Computer. There will be an expert on hand at our Earth Day Fair booth to answer any questions.

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