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Glass Recycling

Do you have the time and ability to recycle your own glass? The two local facilities that will accept drop offs are 911 Glass Rescue in Chelan and the Leavenworth Recycling Center in Leavenworth.

One great thing about 911 Glass Rescue is they accept more than just glass bottles. They can accept glass jars, pottery, glassware and even broken glass.

Both locations have specific, limited hours. Please check their websites for more details.


Glass Hauling

Until the Wenatchee Valley has a local glass recycling drop off, volunteers are taking turns to haul glass on some Saturday mornings to 911 Glass Rescue in Chelan, where glass is crushed into sand and an aggregate with rounded edges. These materials can be used for a variety of public works and residential projects.

If you have some glass you would like hauled, check here for upcoming dates. The meet up location is Olds Station Park & Ride, 340 E Penny Road, Wenatchee.

Currently scheduled glass hauling days:

TBD on a Saturday in September at 8:30am. The haulers will leave when their vehicles are full, or at 9:15, whichever happens first.

Please bring your glass bottles in sturdy (and not overloaded) cardboard boxes (and $5 cash to cover the small 911 Glass Rescue fee). Please use reasonably sized boxes about the size of a wine crate or smaller. 911 Glass Rescue also accepts other glass products: jars, pottery, glassware and broken glass.

Can you volunteer to haul glass on a Saturday sometime soon? Contact Natalie Williams via text (include "glass hauling" in the text) at 206-669-4820.

Glass Hauling March 2024.jpeg

A recent load of 19 boxes of glass bound for recycling!

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