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Living with Nature

Conservation Districts

Conservation districts are non-regulatory organizations established to provide landowners with technical and financial assistance with natural resource projects.

Cascadia serves Chelan county with programs including: drought resources, forest health, soil reporting, native plant sales, salmon safe certification, and wildfire preparedness and recovery. 

FCCD serves Douglas county through their Voluntary Stewardship Program, direct seed and soil health, cooperative weed management and water quality improvement. 

South Douglas CD assists cooperators to adopt, implement and promote conservation practices which encourage good land stewardship & the protection of natural resources.

Creating Wildlife Habitat in Your Home Landscape by Betsy Dudash, SNCW board president

Nature-Related Non-Profits

The Chelan-Douglas Land Trust works with private landowners and local communities to ensure that we will be able to enjoy the benefit of the lands and waters we all love for years to come. Their work includes land protection projects, education and outreach, stewardship, trails, and landowner services.

Trout Unlimited's missions is to protect, Reconnect and Restore Washington’s cold-water streams and rivers, their watersheds and ecosystems to insure the survival our Salmon, Steelhead and Trout. Learn more about the Icicle Valley chapter and check out this video about their beaver project.

Wenatchee River Institute engages learners through hands-on environmental education on their campus in Leavenworth and across North Central Washington. Youth programs include camps, field days and a traveling naturalist. Community programs include a community garden, Bird Fest, workshops and Red Barn events. 

Wenatchee Entiat Beaver Project

Photo by Lizzie Bridges. Trout Unlimited's  Wenatchee-Entiat Beaver Project. 

Outdoor Recreation

Wenatchee Outdoors promotes human-powered outdoor adventure sports for the health, lifestyle, conservation and economic benefits of these activities. They highlight the outdoor world using their website to help residents and visitors explore, appreciate, care for, and conserve their backyard outdoor places and resources.

With a focus on place value and inclusiveness, TREAD's mission is to:

  • Advocate for recreation in Central WA through education & communication, facilitation and collaboration, and planning and execution.

  • To leverage recreation to improve quality of life and health in the region.

  • To develop recreation-based economies as part of a strong and diverse economic mix that supports this region.

Water Conservation & Quality

Although the issue of drought hasn't been a predominant problem in our valley, that may not always be the case due to our changing climate. Check out the variety of local organizations listed below that have programs related to water conservation, water quality and stormwater. 

Water quality in our area is very good; there is no need to purchase bottled water if you get your water from a municipal water source like the city of Wenatchee, East Wenatchee or the PUD. 

Only rain down the drain! Did you know you shouldn't wash your car in your driveway and let the soapy water go down the drain? Stormwater goes right to the river without any filtration. Check out the resources below to learn more. 

Wildfire Preparedness

Our area is prone to wildfires due to our hot, dry summers. This is exacerbated by the climate crises. See the resources below for wildfire preparedness (being "Firewise") and recovery information. 

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