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Thank you to our Sponsors

Business sponsorships range from $250 - $1,500 a year. We also have sponsors specifically for our Waste Wizard, Idle Free Zones, and Earth Day Fair. Please email if you would like more information on supporting us through sponsorships. 

Your business here!

We are looking for an "Platinum" sponsor to support us at the $1,500 level. Your logo and description about your commitment to sustainability will go here. Interested? Contact us here!

Emerald Sponsor:

Icicle Brewing Company is our "Emerald level" sponsor. They are a member of One Percent for the Planet. They recognize their responsibility for our planet and are committed to creating a positive impact. Because of this, they donate 1% of their wholesale sales to non-profits like Sustainable NCW that are focused on environmental issues. 

Green Sponsors:

Wenatchee Valley Massage Clinic is located in the Morris Building in historic downtown Wenatchee. Owner Ryan Edwards has been a sponsor of Sustainable NCW since 2020. 
Winton MFG is a commercial composting facility just outside of Leavenworth, WA. The facility uses state of the art technology to turn food and yard waste into compost full of microbes and nutrients. The composting process uses passive static aerated piles covered in a gore membrane to eliminate groundwater and olfactory contamination, using a closed loop system. The process of turning green and brown waste into compost takes about 30 days and greatly reduces methane production that is seen at landfills.
Visit Chelan County is an independent, nonpartisan, community-based tourism promotion, marketing, and funding organization. Visit Chelan County serves to develop the county’s tourism industry while also supporting economic development, historic preservation, sustainability, and quality of life. 
Logo WBU Horizontal.jpg
Wild Birds Unlimited brings people and nature together with bird feeding, nature products, expert advice, and educational events.
CMI logo_final-01.jpg
CMI Orchards is one of the largest growers of conventional and organic apples, pears and cherries in Washington state. Founded in 1989, CMI’s ownership group includes five generations of families who have been growing tree fruit in the Valley for more than 100 years. CMI incorporates many key sustainability practices that keeps orchards healthy and operating ethically, environmentally-consciously and sustainably for future generations. CMI is working towards building a model for carbon negative tree fruit. 
IF logo with text.png
Icicle Fund is rooted in the belief that strong connections of people to place are built and nurtured through artistic expression, imagination, understanding of the past, experience in nature, and care for wildlife and natural landscapes. Since its 1998 founding by Harriet Bullitt, Icicle Fund has invested more than $45 million in over 100 nonprofits that support the environment, the arts, and history in NCW. 
TekniPlex, parent company of Dolco Packaging, is the sponsor of our Waste Wizard online recycling guide. Recycle your #6 plastics (styrofoam) at Dolco's location in Wenatchee at 1121 S Columbia Ave. Thank you to Dolco for this free recycling service for the community, and for sponsorship of the Waste Wizard. 
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