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Public Utility Districts

Chelan county residents and business can take advantage of several rebates, programs and get help from experts at the PUD. Be sure to check their website if you're renovating or building a home. Business owners can learn more about energy saving options for commercial and industrial buildings and operations. Also, check out their great Power Hour interviews on a variety of topics. 

Since 2001, the SNAP program is designed to help make small-scale solar and wind power more cost-effective for Chelan County PUD customers. The program connects those who want to produce solar and wind power with others who want to support the development of new, renewable energy. 

Under the program, customers voluntarily pay a little extra on their utility bills. The PUD collects these customer donations and distributes them once a year to our SNAP producers -- individuals, schools and nonprofit agencies that are generating solar and wind power. SNAP renewable energy either is consumed by the producer through net metering, or goes into the PUD’s electrical grid and is distributed to PUD customers. 

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Visit Chelan PUD's webpage about the Energy Independence Act (I-937) to learn more about how they are working to increase renewable energy and energy conservation. 

Douglas County PUD is not required to meet the targets of the Energy Independence Act (I-937) because they serve less than 25,000 customers. Therefore they do not offer rebates and energy conservation services.

You can learn about Douglas County's Green Hydrogen Facility here. 

Renewable Energy

See above for information regarding the Energy Independence Act (I-937) in our area. 

Wild Horse Wind and Solar Facility

The Wild Horse Wind and Solar Facility and Renewable Energy Center is operated by Puget Sound Energy. It islocated 16 miles east of Ellensburg.


The wind turbines at Wild Horse can generate up to 273 megawatts (MW) of electricity. The solar array, one of the Northwest's largest, can generate up to 502 kilowatts of electricity. The vistor's center offers great tours for a first-hand look at how these elements are turned into electricity.

Residential & Commercial Solar

Solar WA

Home Energy Efficiency & Weatherization

If you're a Chelan county resident, see above for links to the PUD's rebate programs for homeowners. 

Conserving home energy usage and associated costs for income eligible renters and homeowners in Chelan and Douglas Counties. The Weatherization Program has been designed with homeowners and tenants in mind, providing energy conservation improvements on existing homes.

Home Energy Audits

Jourdan HVAC/R Consulting, LLC
Greg Jourdan
(509) 741-7105

AMS Inspection Services
Aaron Schreiner
(509) 393-5829

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