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Meet the Farmers at Mountain Springs Homestead

We started homesteading in 2017 on 5 acres of land. Dreaming of a more self-sufficient, “simple” lifestyle we set out to build our dream life with our 3 children in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We worked our land for 2 years before a job loss became a blessing in disguise! We had two options, find another job that would keep us away from our family and farm, or grit our teeth, lace up our boots, and put in the work to build our homestead into a full-blown business. What started out as a few backyard chickens quickly multiplied into dairy goats, rabbits, turkeys, & pigs.

As our love for farming grew, we slowly discovered mentors like Joel Salatin, Allen Savory, Greg Judy, Gabe Brown & Justin Rhodes. They set us on a path of soil regeneration, and we went against the grain of the stereotypical farmer. The love of farming was in our veins and raising food for ourselves just wasn’t enough anymore. We made the leap and made our small homestead into a full-on business, and we now offer pasture raised chicken, Thanksgiving turkeys, rabbit, eggs, goat milk, and goat milk soap.

We are Lonnie, Elizabeth, Nicholas, Madelynn, and Easton of Mountain Spring Homestead!

Want to keep up with Mountain Springs Homestead? Follow them on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or TikTok, or visit their website at Interested in purchasing from their regenerative farm? Their order form can be found here or email them at

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