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2018 NCW EcoChallenge Achievements

At the end of May we wrapped up a successful 2-week challenge with nearly 450 participants! If you're not familiar with the NCW EcoChallenge, check out my first EcoChallenge post here. Below is the overview of challenge actions. Over 15,000 actions were taken! And 78% of participants who signed up for a one-time action completed them. Not bad, challengers!


Now for the really good stuff. The stuff that gets me excited! The great thing about using the Northwest Earth Institute's EcoChallenge is at the end, they tally up all of the impacts that each individual made throughout the two weeks and provide a report of our collective impact we had. Check out the stats below.


I really enjoyed reading participant's posts on the feed and seeing photos of what they were up to.

Rebecca with the Kenroy PTO team created this awesome display

Kelly with Mt. Stuart PT/Balance Point Health & Fitness ditched a plastic sandwich bag for this fun reusable beeswax wrap

One of the challenge actions was to meet your friendly Waste Management truck drivers! Photo by Louise with the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust team

An herb garden planted by yours-truly


I had the fun job of randomly selecting winners of SO MANY great prizes. The top 3 teams clearly worked very hard to maximize their points and they ended up with $1750 between themselves that will go to their respective non-profits. Martin with the FUMC Green Machine team won the grand prize of a new iPad (which I hope he's reading this blog on right now!). Our community was so generous in providing prizes that we were able to give away multiple prizes each day.

Thank you again to our four title sponsors! The EcoChallenge would not have happened without the financial support of the Chelan County PUD, Stemilt, Waste Management, and Link Transit. The NCW EcoChallenge is a Northwest Earth Institute program that was coordinated by Climate Conversations NCW, a grassroots, volunteer-based organization with help from Sustainable Wenatchee, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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