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2040: Join the Regeneration

By Joan Qazi, SW board member

Freezing fog got you down? The climate crisis stressing you out? I have an antidote; maybe more like a welcome therapy—the film 2040. Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center will be screening 2040 virtually on February 3rd at 7pm as part of their environmental film series. The film is sponsored by Sustainable Wenatchee. You can register here to watch it on February 3rd along with all the rest of us looking for hope. Watch the trailer here.

The film starts with the Australian film-maker planting a tree with his 4 year-old daughter, as a symbol of the many natural, technological, and social solutions that the film offers as a more promising vision of our lives in 2040. Interspersed with currently existing examples of these solutions around the world are the voices of children answering the question, “what do you want to see in the world?” This provides an inspiring reminder of why the film-maker embarks on his journey to highlight what communities are already doing to achieve a more sustainable society for his daughter by the year 2040. From solar energy sharing to ride-sharing leading to less roads and more green-space, and from agro-ecology to urban roof gardening, 2040 demonstrates incredible reasons for hope. If you are a fan of Paul Hawken, the editor of Drawdown, then you will be pleased to see him sitting atop a wind turbine explaining the importance of sequestering carbon in healthy soils.

So please join us on February 3rd, by pre-registering here, and be a part of the ‘re-generation’ no matter what age you are!

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