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I can see clearly now: PUD rebates help homeowners upgrade windows, insulation and more

Before I moved back to Wenatchee, we owned a home built in the 1940's on the west side. Our bedroom was on the second floor and was very hot in the summer and freezing cold in the winter. After learning of some great rebates we were eligible for, we took advantage of getting new insulation blown into the walls and the attic. Turns out the house had pretty much no insulation in the walls! Afterward, our house was SO much more comfortable and we saved on our energy bills from then on. If you're a homeowner in Chelan County and you think your house could benefit from some energy-saving retrofits, contact an Energy Advisor at the PUD to see if you're eligible for rebates! - Jana

Enjoy our first guest blog by Susan Gillin, Energy Efficiency Marketing Strategist at Chelan County PUD!


Hundreds of homeowners in Chelan County live in houses that stay toasty warm in winter and cucumber cool in summer, thanks to help from Chelan PUD. If yours isn’t one of them, it probably could be.

The PUD has helped customers install new windows and add insulation for 20-plus years. Window replacement rebates – our most popular program – cover up to about 25% of the cost. You can do one window at a time or your whole house. You can hire a contractor or do the work yourself. Apply for the rebate online and get a check in the mail. Easy-peasy.

Insulation is cheaper – much cheaper – than windows and often what’s really needed. PUD rebates sometimes cover the entire cost of insulating attics, walls and floors.

Customers who install new windows tell us the change is immediately noticeable, with fewer drafts and less noise from outside. The same goes for insulation although unlike windows, it’s a benefit you don’t have to wash once or twice a year.

Other ways the PUD can help:

The saddest phone call we get from customers is the one that starts out, “I didn’t know you had a program, and I don’t have the paperwork anymore, but I installed (insert energy-saving device here).” Ouch! Before starting a project, check the PUD website to make sure you’re eligible, that you’re purchasing the right materials or equipment, and that you know what is required. We do ask for paperwork and documentation to process the rebate.

Customers who participated in PUD efficiency programs saved over 15 million kilowatt hours (kWh) last year – enough to power more than 700 Chelan County homes. The lion's share of those savings – about 12 million kWh – came from improvements at businesses and government buildings. More than 130 school districts, public agencies and private companies installed energy-efficient lighting with PUD help.

About 1,000 households used PUD programs for home improvements in 2017, not including the instant rebates on lighting funded by the PUD at Costco, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Stan’s Merry Mart and other local stores.

Although electricity rates are low in Chelan County, customers continue to find value in efficient upgrades beyond simple payback, notes Josh Mitchell, PUD energy adviser.

Can we help you? Find details on our website, contact an energy adviser, or give us a call at (509) 661-8008.

Griselda Gonzalez, PUD Energy Resource & Conservation Representative, at Sustainable Wenatchee's Earth Day Fair

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